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The Holidays

Despite what all the songs say about this time of the year, for many of us this isn't a particularly happy time. Especially now. But, this time of the year can be a time of renewal and regeneration with hopeful thoughts about the coming new year ahead. And, with the support of friends and family, that can make the stresses of this time a little easier to bear.

But, for some, this time can be a lonely and isolating time. Those who are hurting often hurt more deeply during the holidays. Having lost a loved one, or a job, or a beloved pet can be especially hard hitting during this time of the year.

If you know of a neighbor, friend or relative that is hurting or may be, let me encourage you to do something simple and heartfelt this holiday season. A simple call to say "hello" and "happy holidays" can be more valuable than a gift. In fact, I believe a heart felt and genuine touch from you could be just the touch that that certain someone you know and care about needs to brighten his or her day.

We've all been through a lot over these last couple of years, and a warm smile and hug, even if on a phone, can make such a huge difference in someone's life.

Let me encourage us all to be extra kind and sensitive during the holidays. It may be just what the Doctor ordered.

Happy Holidays

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