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The Science of Wellness

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Ever since High School science class, I have been fascinated with science. An insatiable appetite for knowledge keeps me up far later than I should be, but I have always loved learning about new discoveries, and emerging technological advances in all of the sciences. I guess you could say I am a reformed "geek". Or, perhaps, a reinvented one.

Life does that, doesn't it? We learn to adapt, pivot, and change. Some call it "going with the flow." I call it survival. Because, that is what we must do, if we are honest. I'm not going to get into the debates over the current crisis of the moment. I do hope you will forgive me for that. I want this to be a place of hope, with a positive outlook for the future. This blog is about the science of wellness, and I will be resolute about looking forward. And, I am not a scientist, though I will be happy to share some of these great "discoveries" with anyone who might be interested in learning what wellness means, from those brave and dedicated souls who spend their lives in the lab, going over the data until they actually find a better way to do something profound. And, we all are indebted to those who do so to change our lives for the better. Sometimes, for decades. Until another white lab coat wearing warrior finds an even better way. I thank God for these dedicated men and women, who will likely not even be recognized for their efforts. True unsung heroes of our day.


Why Seek The Answers?

The search for the truth has always been a driving force behind most new scientific discoveries. Many of the scientists I have known, (I used to work in a Research facility) have been encouraged to seek answers because a loved one's life was altered by something that changed the trajectory of their lives forever. Tragedy has been a motivating force for many inventions and scientific discoveries for thousands of years. Necessity is, after all, the mother of invention. And, for some of us, the quest to know "why" drove us to seek the answer to that illusive question. Many, seek this answer and never find it. While others, driven by their "why" continue on until they uncover a mystery. The most tragic of all is those who have discovered something so profound, and are never recognized for their life's work, until long after they have died. And I try to put myself in their shoes, as they knew they had made a profound discovery, and yet were often the subject of ridicule and scorn. We should learn from those cases, rare as they may be. The lesson should be one we all learn. To never cease learning. To be, or not to be a "geek". That, is the question. Whether it is nobler to stay uninformed, or to continue to search for the answers. For me, I will rest well knowing that my thirst for knowledge is quenched in the searching alone.


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