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We are Redox?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021


There's a movement in the world at the moment that is quietly making a difference in people's lives. It is not a political movement, nor a social one. But the impact this movement will have can shape both the political and social landscape for decades or longer. It is the We Are Redox movement.

We Are Redox begins at the cellular level. Because, that is where you will find Redox Signaling Molecules. Inside our bodies, fueling every function of every cell. Without these miraculous molecules, we would not survive long. In fact, according to Dr. Gary Samuelson, no living thing would survive without these amazing building blocks for Health and Wellness.

The We Are Redox movement has only one agenda. And that is to tell as many people on the planet about Redox Signaling Molecules. Because of the far reaching and healthful properties of these cell signaling molecules, many are seeing profound changes in their body's ability to heal itself. And, that is what our bodies are designed to do. And, for the most part, our bodies do a pretty good job.

As we battle poor choices in our eating habits, lack of exercise, and environmental factors, our bodies are on a continual quest to find balance. Or, better known as homeostasis. That sweet spot of balance.

But, there is one thing we do need to concern ourselves with. And that is the fact that our bodies produce less and less of these vital Redox Signaling Molecules every year after puberty. You could think of it like a dimmer switch that is turning down slowly until it eventually turns off.

For some, the dimming takes place very gradually, while others find themselves struggling with many health issues. Good genes play a huge role in how well we all fare when it comes to health and longevity.

But, what if there was a way to biohack our system? What if there was a way to give our bodies more of what they needed for optimal health? We do this by eating wholesome and nutritious, organic foods. Some of us exercise regularly, but that is the exception and not the rule. Many of us use high quality supplements, drink organic green tea, white tea and consume gallons of antioxidant rich superfoods such as Acai berry and Mangosteen juices.

Consuming antioxidants is one way to try to give our bodies what they need. But, what if you are doing everything right, and are still having major challenges? Could it be because your cells are not communicating as well as they once did? If the antioxidants are on the train, and the train never makes it to it's ultimate destination, (your cells), then there's a lot of money going literally down the drain.

Maybe you could join the movement. The We Are Redox movement. According to Dr. Samuelson, the stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules can be utilized in our bodies as a holistic, bioactive, and nontoxic agent for our bodies as they strive to reach that balance, homeostasis. And, I for one, am looking for as much balance as I can possibly get.


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